Priscilla Martin – Rolling CB Interview

What coming home sounds like.

Check out this video full of heart, advise on the road, respect needed and talk of a Transtar Cabover sporting a 10 speed Detroit.

Have a look inside the world of Priscilla Martin. A woman who got her start in trucking January 10, 1978. The inspiration evoked by her father as the sound of him climbing the hill coming home ignited a passion that she couldn’t ignore. Check out the truck she is driving now tricked out with suicide doors and a 275″ wheelbase.

Find out that she loves this truck, but what is her truck of choice? It is something “Super”. Hear what it’s like to enter a man’s world in trucking, precautions that should always be taken, why common sense is important and why leasing to a company may not be the best choice. Also listen to the sound of her voice as she talks about her other half, he was her love, her hero and her mentor.

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