Chase Trucking – Rolling CB Interview

American Outlaw & a Super Hopper

What do you get when you mix 4 State Trucks, 12 Gauge Customs, Iowa Customs and Jeremy’s Paint and Body Shop? A recipe for one fine 379. Colton & Lauren Chase of Chase Trucking take a stroll down the highway and memory lane with Big Rig Videos. Where do the lights come from on the truck? Not where you think. Watch Colton as he gracefully shifts this CAT that is putting out 700-750 hp. Is this truck all paint or is there a wrap on it to give it that marbled look? Colton will let you know.

How about that Super Hopper? All shined up and the first 2018 Timpte Super Hopper to roll off the line. Get the inside scoop on the grain hauling, small town U.S.A. elevators and what it takes to load and unload without tarp damage. Listen to an embarrassing moment from Colton while loading and the importance of a mental checklist.

As the night rolls in, the lights are all on. As the interview continues on down the road, learn what this Kansas couple does together for truck shows, what Lauren refuses to do and how a couple chasing separate dreams makes a solid marriage come together.

Curious about being an owner operator? Wondering what made Colton get his own truck and authority at an early age? Watch this video now to get your answers and see what Lauren and Colton’s mom know first hand what Colton had to figure out. Some think Chase Trucking is a one man show…find out who owns and operates the other 379. Many think he has a custom grill, but it isn’t custom, it is just no one has one on their truck. How many Rockford Fosgate speakers are inside? Enough to wake up the neighbors!

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