Ingrid Brown – Legendary Feature

What is your definition of Legendary?

At home with Ingrid Brown of Rollin’ B on trucking, life and where she’s been.

From the start of her trucking career with a ’79 needlenose Diamond Rio to her recently completed 2017 389 and all the trucks in between, she learned to run with the big boys and hasn’t stopped to look back. Determined to succeed, she stands by what her daddy told her “There’s nothin’ you can’t do, now go do it”.

Though her childhood was formidable years, it was no indication of the recognition and awards she’d receive for being a professional truck driver and an advocate for the trucking industry. She had a stint in skiing until she hurt her knee, served our great country and returned to what she loves…driving.

Photos & Write Up By:
Stephanie Haas – Diesel Addict Photos

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