Randall Motley – Rolling CB Interview™

Two great random interviews. William Siben a truck driver in the Netherlands was vacationing in Orlando, FL and wanted to tag along on a Rolling CB Interview. We happened upon Jr Richardson who was parked at the 75 Chrome Shop and did not mind taking his 359 Pete out on the road. Jr told us that his friend Randall was headed on our direction also. Both were hauling cattle out of FL to the west. They shared their thoughts on what it takes to transition to hauling cattle, trucking with physical impairments, CB usage and the Move Over Law.

Jr runs a 1986 359 Short Hood Peterbilt / Caterpillar 425B / 13 speed DOD / 322 wheelbase / 3.06 2 speed rears.

Randall runs a 2005 379 Peterbilt / C15 with C18 injectors/ 1,140hp / CATlepuller, Inc & Bullydog Mods / 13 speed / 317 wheelbase / 3.55 rears

Video sponsored by 10-4 Magazine. A magazine “for today’s trucker”. Head over to their website to read the online edition – http://www.tenfourmagazine.com

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